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Veal stew with the Thermomix

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Helping you to prepare delicious dishes that excite your guests is what we always try to do. That’s why now we’re going to give you the recipe for beef stew with the Thermomix.

This rich preparation of slow cooking meat, chicken or fish tempts more than one, because of its concentrated flavors and the softness of the meat. This recipe has onions

Veal stew with the Thermomix

Veal stew with the Thermomix

Preparing it with the Thermomix avoids evaporation, maintaining a large part of the initial juices and thus retaining the flavors and aromas of all the ingredients.

And speaking of ingredients, this time I will share with you this rich recipe for a juicy veal stew with Thermomix. For beef lovers, this is an excellent option.

It is a traditional dish with a really exquisite taste. Take note.

And that’s it. In this way, you will have prepared an exquisite veal stew that will delight everyone.

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