Chicken and meat

Chicken brochettes marinated in thermomix

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Under the summer sun at sunset, with a cool breeze blowing in and on a nice terrace or patio, don’t miss out on some grilled food or barbecue. This recipe includes chicken breasts

For a barbecue we usually barbecue meat, sausages and pork chops, Mmmm, sounds tempting, but this time I present something much lighter, both in flavor and in preparation, chicken brochettes marinated with thermomix.

Chicken brochettes marinated in thermomix

Chicken brochettes marinated in thermomix

These delicious skewers will be accompanied by a soft garnish of mashed potatoes. They will remain of madness, to suck the fingers.

The utensils that you must have to the hand will be:
Wooden skewers to thread the chicken cubes
Barbecue or frying pan to cook the skewers
The Thermomix

Serve the skewers together with the potato garnish and sprinkle with chopped parsley
Enjoy it! We look forward to your comments. Until the next recipe with Thermomix.

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