Meringue milk cake with Thermomix

Meringue milk cake with Thermomix

Today we bring you another cake to make with Thermomix and it looks amazing, it’s a meringue cake covered in cinnamon.

It’s a cake where the taste of cinnamon predominates over all things and I love cinnamon.

Ingredients to make Meringue milk cake with Thermomix

Meringue milk cake with Thermomix

Meringue milk cake with Thermomix

Ingredients for the base:
250 grams of cookies with cinnamon (I do it with the Neapolitans)
100 grams of butter
Ingredients for the stuffing:
500 grams of whole milk
500 grams of liquid cream to assemble (with 35% m.g.)
2 cinnamon sticks
the skin of half a lemon (only the yellow part)
200 grams of sugar
2 sachets of curd
Ingredients to decorate:
ground cinnamon

Preparation of Meringue milk cake with Thermomix

We make the base
We put cookies in our glass of Thermomix and crush them
10 seconds / progressive speed 6-8-10

Add the butter that is in room temperature and program
2 minutes / 70ºC / speed 4

We place a mold mold of about 23 cm in diameter and put the cookie with the butter making a well brown and uniform base and we reserve in the frigorvamos for the filling.

With the clean glass we put the milk, the cream, the sticks of cinnamon and the skin of the lemon, together with the sugar and the curd envelopes and we program
10 minutes / 90ºC / turn to the left / speed 2

We remove the skin of the lemon and the sticks of cinnamon and we put the rest on the mass of the cookies and let temper outside once it is cold we put it in the refrigerator during a minimum of 6 to 8 hours.

Unmold and cover whole ground cinnamon our Meringue Cake with Thermomix is ​​ready.

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