Sweet Quince Paste with thermomix

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Sweet Quince Paste with thermomix

Whenever I see the quince reminds me of my childhood, the summers in the town and the snacks, you came running for the snack and one of the possible things that they gave me was a cheese sandwich with quince. That flavor always accompanied me and I adore that dessert, any cheese with quince.

Today I bring you the recipe.

Ingredients to make Sweet Quince Paste with thermomix

Sweet Quince Paste with thermomix

Sweet Quince Paste with thermomix

500 grams unpeeled and unpeeled quinces
500 grams sugar
1 lemon, peeled and seedless

Preparation of Sweet Quince Paste with thermomix

We put all the ingredients in our glass of thermomix, quince, sugar and lemon and program
30 seconds / progressive speed 5-10

We lower the remains stuck to the sides with the spatula towards the blades and program again
30 minutes / 100ºC / speed 5

When there are 10 minutes left we remove the cup to favor evaporation, we put it in a container with the shape we want to give to our quince and let it cool and our quince jelly will be ready.

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