American pancakes with the Thermomix

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American pancakes with the Thermomix

If at home you are very sweet or if you are now looking to surprise your family with an exquisite breakfast, you are interested in continuing reading.

And we’re going to let you know how to prepare American pancakes with the Thermomix.

Keep reading and you will see that it is a recipe as tasty as it is simple.

Ingredients to make American Pancakes with the Thermomix

American pancakes with the Thermomix

American pancakes with the Thermomix

To prepare about four servings of pancakes you have to proceed to buy the following necessary products:

100 grams of confectionery flour.
1 large egg
Half teaspoon of baking powder.
25 grams of unsalted butter.
125 milliliters of whole milk.
Half envelope of vanilla sugar.
25 grams of white sugar.

American pancakes with the Thermomix step by step

Once you have all the ingredients in the kitchen, put on your apron and follow these steps:

The first thing is to sift the flour and reserve it.

Then the egg yolk, vanilla sugar and sugar should be added to the robot’s glass. It will be programmed
10 seconds / Speed ​​6.

Then add the butter, which has to be previously outside the refrigerator for a few minutes, and milk. The Thermomix will be programmed
1 minute / Speed ​​4 / Temperature 37º

Then the yeast and the flour will be poured into the glass. It will be programmed
6 seconds / Speed ​​6.

Next, you have to add the whole mixture in a bowl while proceeding to dry the robot well. And it is that in this, with the butterfly on, the egg white will have to be poured and it will be programmed
2 minutes / Speed ​​3 and a half.

The result will be added to the bowl. Mix all the dough until it is well connected. And what will remain is to make use of a hot pan to make the pancakes. These may be accompanied with cream, with chocolate, with honey.

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