Vanilla and cashew nuts balls with the Thermomix

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Vanilla and cashew nuts balls with the Thermomix

Important are all the dishes that are prepared at home when there are guests to eat. However, one of the most relevant is usually the dessert, since it comes, as they say, “to put the icing on the cake.”

Precisely because of that circumstance, now we want to help you that the guests that you have in your home are left really happy. For this reason, we present a simple recipe with an unparalleled flavor, vanilla balls and anarcados that you can prepare with your Thermomix.

Ingredients for the vanilla and cashew nuts balls

Vanilla and cashew nuts balls with the Thermomix

Vanilla and cashew nuts balls with the Thermomix

In order to start preparing the recipe, which will allow you to obtain approximately twelve balls, you need have the following foods in the kitchen:

2 tablespoons vanilla powder.
150 grams of raw cashews.
Chia seeds.
20 grams of grated coconut.
1 spoonful of maple syrup.
75 grams of boneless dates.

The recipe step by step

Once you’ve managed to gather all those ingredients in the kitchen, it’s time to get your hands on the work to prepare the recipe:

First, proceed to place the cashews in the Thermomix and crush them
3 seconds / Speed ​​8.

Then proceed to add the rest of the ingredients, except for the grated coconut, to be able to mix them the way convenient.
1 minute / Speed ​​9.

Once you have been able to verify that the mixture is perfect, what you will have to do is use it and with thehands, or with the help of two spoons, shape the balls.

The last step will be to proceed to batter each and every one of the balls in the grated coconut and lists at your service. You will have a dessert that will.


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