Nutella curd with the Thermomix

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Nutella curd with the Thermomix

If you love baking, you should know that the food processor can be your ally to prepare the most desserts simple and exquisite with which to surprise your family or guests. So, for example, we’re going to teach you prepare Nutella curd with the Thermomix.

Ingredients to make Nutella curd with the Thermomix

Nutella curd with the Thermomix

Nutella curd with the Thermomix

To be able to proceed to elaborate four portions of this dish you need to gather the following products in the kitchen:

170 grams of Nutella.
135 grams of cream.
Half over curd.
400 grams of milk

Nutella curd with the Thermomix step by step

To prepare this exquisite dessert, ideal for any evening, you need to follow the steps that we expose you then:

Put all the ingredients in the robot glass and program
10 minutes / speed 3 / Temperature 100º

Next, pour the mixture into the four individual containers that you have prepared and insert them into the refrigerator so they are fresh when eating them.

Of course, when presenting the curd you can choose to decorate the portions with cream, with varied fruit or even with small chocolates. That is already your choice.

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