Sacher cake with Thermomix

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Sacher cake with Thermomix

Every chocolate lover loves this cake, a classic.
typical of austria, consists of two thick plates of chocolate sponge separated by a thin layer of apricot jam and coated with a black chocolate glaze on top and sides

Ingredients of the Sacher Cake with Thermomix:

50 g of pure cocoa
130 g. Of flour
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
2 teaspoons Royal yeast
A pinch of salt
160g. of sugar
120 g. of butter at room temperature
4 eggs

For the filling:

Apricot jam (original recipe), although you can replace it with strawberries, orange To the syrup: 300 g. of sugar
100 g of water
the juice of 1/2 lemon
50 g of Ron

Chocolate cover:

200 g. chocolate fondant
50 g of butter
50 g of water

PREPARATION of the Sacher Cake with Thermomix :

Preheat the oven to 180º. Put the flour, cocoa, yeast, vanilla sugar and salt in a very dry glass.
Spray 20 seconds at maximum speed.
Pour into a bowl and reserve.

Put the butterfly on the blades and add the eggs and sugar and program
5 minutes at 40º speed 3, when the time finishes repeating the operation but without programming the temperature.

Meanwhile, grease and flour the 24 cm high mold. diameter.

Then add the butter and the mixture of flour and cocoa that we have reserved
mix all 4 seconds in speed 2.

Finish mixing it with the spatula, removing the butterfly and with enveloping movements.
Pour the mixture into the mold that we have prepared and introduce it in the oven previously preheated to 180º

for about 30 minutes, click in the center to check that it is cooked, the toothpick has to come out clean.

Allow to cool and unmold and cut in half.

While the cake is cooling make the syrup: Pour the ingredients into the glass and program
10 minutes, temperature 100º and speed 2.

To bathe the sponge cake by the two halves and to fill it with the marmalade.

Prepare the chocolate coating: Put the chocolate in the glass and cut it
20 seconds speed 5-10. Pour the water and program 4 minutes, 37º, speed 2.

Lower the remains with the spatula and add the butter and program
4 minutes, 37º speed 2.

Check that a homogeneous mixture remains. Place the cake on a grid and a plate under the grid so that the chocolate that falls on the plate (instead of a plate can put aluminum foil) and pour the cover on top, trying to cover the entire surface and sides .

Receta por chomon

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