Stuffed Nutella Cookies with Thermomix

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Stuffed Nutella Cookies with Thermomix

Making cookies is very easy, fun, kids love it.

There are endless ways to make them some favorites for some, others favorite for many others, but in the end nobody is exempt from falling into temptation with some delicious cookie.

Even to sweeten or conquer any cold heart are ideal. In this recipe we are going to not only sweeten many hearts, but perhaps they are totally in love thanks to the Nutella filled cookies with thermomix.

Stuffed Nutella Cookies with Thermomix

Stuffed Nutella Cookies with Thermomix

And ready! This rich sandwich ideal for snacks for kids.

Serve with a glass of cold milk or a cup of chocolate. I hope you have conquered this recipe and enjoy this delicious sin and remember to leave your comment below.

Until the next recipe!

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