Guinness cake with thermomix

Guinness cake with thermomix

For those who still do not know Guinness is the most famous black beer brand in the world, has a black color Licorice and a different flavor to other types of beers.

It is British, although you can get it practically in any supermarket and it is the base to do the cake of our cake and the one that gives rise to its name guinness cake or black beer. I just tell you that this spectacular and for me it enters the top 10 of the pies with thermomix.

Ingredients to make Guinness cake with thermomix:

Guinness cake with thermomix

Guinness cake with thermomix

For the cake:
1 glass of Guinness stout
85 g of cocoa powder Valor
250 g of confectionery flour
400 g of sugar
2 teaspoons baking soda
275 g of butter
150 g of liquid cream to assemble
2 eggs
1 teaspoon liquid vanilla

For frosting:
300 g Philadelphia spread cheese
150 g of icing sugar
400 g liquid cream for mounting

Preparation of the Guinness Cake with thermomix, Step by Step:

The recipe consists of 2 parts, on the one hand the black sponge cake (for Guinness beer) and on the other hand the frosting or top cream that covers it.

We will start making sponge cake. To do this we place our thermomix glass and toss the cocoa, flour and sugar, along with the 2 teaspoons of baking soda and proceed to mix everything for what we program:
20 seconds / speed 4

We take out and reserve in a Bowl Without needing to clean the glass we put the black beer with the butter.

It is important that the butter is not too cold, at room temperature it mixes better so 1 hour before make the cake we will take it out of the fridge) and mix:
4 minutes / 40ºC / speed 3

We now add the cream, the eggs and the vanilla and beat everything again so that it keeps mixing all the foods. we program:
40 seconds / speed 3

Then we will put our thermomix without time at speed 3 and we will be pouring it little by little the mixture reserved in the bowl, to mix well, once well mixed we will give a final point
10 seconds / speed 5

We put a mold greased by a bit of butter and lined with baking paper and pour the contents of our thermomix and we put to the oven
180ºC / 50 minutes

To do the frosting:

We start making the normal sugar, icing sugar, for which we put the sugar in the glass of our thermomix (this time clean and dry) and we program:
30 seconds / progressive speed 4-9 Now we program speed 3

By the mouth of the thermomix we are throwing the spreadable cheese, we leave it 10 seconds after throwing everything and reserve.

We put the butterfly on the blades our thermomix and we throw the cream VERY VERY COLD !! and we ride 4 speed without time, but looking to stop when this list (if we left it a long time could reach butter)

We put the cream in the bowl together with the cheese that we had reserved and mix it with a wooden spoon with enveloping movements, when this perfectly mixed we can throw it on top of our Black cake normally does not cover the sides with the cream but only the top part.

You can see in the photo the presentation and ready to eat, you already have one of my top thermomix cakes.

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