Blue Cheese Croquettes

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Blue Cheese Croquettes

Ingredients to make Blue Cheese Croquettes

100 g of blue cheese
100 g of flour
100 g of butter
800 g of milk
50 g of shallot
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 pinch of freshly ground black pepper

Preparation of blue Cheese Croquettes with Thermomix

– We introduce the blue cheese in our glass of thermomix and we crush 5 seconds speed 5. We put in a bowl and reserve

– We put in our glass now the shallot and we crush 2 seconds at speed 5, we now also join the butter and put another 2 seconds at speed 5

– sauté the shallot and butter 3 minutes 120º speed1

– We add the flour to the shallot and sauté 4 minutes 120º speed 1

– Let’s now add nutmeg, salt, pepper and milk and mix. 10 seconds speed 6

– We add 2 generous spoonfuls of cabrales cheese and program 8 minutes 120º speed 4

– Once we reach this step, we let it rest for 5 minutes … we deserve the same as the dish this rest .. 😉

– We add the rest of the cabrales cheese and mix with the spatula – Our béchamel is already made. Now put it on a tray and put over transparent plastic film and let it cool for 12 to 16 hours.

– Now with the already cold dough we make our croquettes, the size goes by tastes, we passed it by egg and bread crumbs and to the fire … how they have left you?

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