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cough drops made with thermomix

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Trick: cough drops made with thermomix

Like many people right now, you have a bad cold and you can not control your cough.
In that case you can choose to make the syrup that we gave you to know the other day or bet on the recipe that we now explain below. Which? The candy against cough in the Thermomix.

It is about candies that will be very easy to prepare and that will allow you to improve significantly.

The ingredients

The first, to begin, is that you gather in your kitchen the following products necessary for these unique candies:

Half a small spoonful of ginger powder.
110 grams of water.
1 tablespoon of honey
A little lemon juice squeezed.
220 grams of sugar.
A little bit of ground cloves.

Cough drops in the Thermomix

When you have all those ingredients in the kitchen, the expected moment arrives.

Yes, it is the moment to proceed to shape this recipe that will help you get the best cough drops:

What you will have to do is pour all the products into the cup of the food processor.

Then, you should proceed to program it at speed 3 and varoma temperature for about 20 minutes, approximately.

The next step will be to pour the mixture you have into small candy-shaped molds.

Wait until the candies are solidified and so, when they are ready, you can proceed to take them when you deem appropriate.

In this simple way you can fight cough from now on.

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