Pudding bread and vanilla with the Thermomix

Pudding bread and vanilla with the Thermomix

For a special occasion or simply to surprise your family. For any of these two situations you can find it very interesting to proceed to prepare as dessert the recipe that we now want to present to you.

We are referring to the bread and vanilla pudding with the Thermomix.

It will be a great ending to any lunch or dinner and will enchant all your guests. Do you dare?

Ingredients for the bread and vanilla pudding with the Thermomix

Pudding bread and vanilla with the Thermomix

Pudding bread and vanilla with the Thermomix

To proceed to make the dessert that concerns us you must have in the kitchen the following products:

100 grams of sugar.
1 liter of water.
4 or 5 eggs.
100 grams of bread, which is not integral and, if possible, it is from the previous day.
1 spoon of vanilla.
400 grams of milk

Recipe step by step

Once you have obtained all the mentioned ingredients, proceed to put on your apron and start the recipe:

Add to the glass of the Thermomix both sugar and milk. Program it
2 minutes / Speed ​​2 / Temperature 90 °

Then he proceeds to cut the bread into pieces and throw them into the mentioned glass, then program the robot
30 seconds / Speed ​​3.

The result obtained conserve it in a separate container.

Then both the vanilla and eggs must be added to the robot and programmed
15 seconds / Speed ​​3.

Then, add the previous mix you had reserved and program everything back to this last same speed and time.

Take a mold, which fits in the glass of the Thermomix, and caramelizes both the bottom of it and its walls. Once this step is taken, pour the mixture you have obtained into it and cover it with aluminum foil.

The next step will be to place the aforementioned mold in the Varoma of the robot and put on it a kitchen cloth. Then, close the lid, put the water in the glass and, with the aforementioned Varoma well placed, proceed to program the Thermomix
45 – 50 minutes / Speed ​​2 / Temperature Varoma.

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