Gin and Tonic Cake with Thermomix

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Gin and Tonic Cake with Thermomix

Base ingredients:

60 g. sugar
2 eggs
60 g. pastry flour
1 pinch salt

Ingredients lemon syrup:

100 g sugar
120 g. Water
30 g. lemon juice

Ingredients Lemon mousse:

250 g. milk
1 about lemon jelly
200 g. lemon juice, (4 lemons)
1 condensed milk can, Small tin (390g.)
400 g Cream to assemble 35% m.g.

Gin and tonic gelatin ingredients:

6 leaves neutral gelatin
100 g Water
150 g sugar
The juice of a lemon.
120 g. Geneva
200 g. tonic
4 or 5 lemon slices, Not very thin, is to decorate

Preparation of Gin and Tonic Cake with Thermomix

We add the syrup ingredients to the thermomix glass
we select 7min, 100 °, VEL 2. We reserve in a bowl until it cools.

Biscuit Base Preparation:

1) We put the butterfly on the blades and add the eggs and sugar and program
6min, 37 °, VEL4.

Then we program another 6 min, VEL 4, without temperature

2) We add the flour and salt and mix during
8sec, VEL3,
we remove the butterfly from the blades and finish with the spatula.

3) We pour the mixture into the mold that we went to make the cake, we bake during
12 minutes at approximately 180 °, when it is baked we remove it and let it temper without unmolding.

Preparation of lemon mousse:

1) We add the milk in the glass and program
5min, 90 °, VEL 1.

2) We throw the lemon jelly and mix
30sec, VEL 2y means.

3) We add lemon juice and condensed milk and program
1 min, VEL3. Pour into a bowl and let it cool while we assemble the cream.

4) We wash the glass and dry very well, place the butterfly on the blades and throw the cream and assemble at VEL 3 and a half (watch that we do not pass and cut), we reserve in a bowl.

5) when the lemon cream is warm, (almost cold) we pour it little by little into the bowl where we have the whipped cream and mix gently with enveloping movements, from top to bottom, until everything is integrated.

6) Place the base of sponge cake with reserved lemon syrup and top with this lemon mousse, smooth the surface with a spatula and reserve in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours.

Gin and tonic gelatin preparation:

1) When the mousse is curd we will prepare the cover. We hydrated the neutral gelatin in cold water and reserved.

2) While in the glass we put the water and the sugar at 3min, 100 °, VEL 1.

3) Add the leaves of hydrated gelatine and well drained, mix for 30sec, VEL2.

4) Add the lemon juice, gin and tonic and program 30 sec, VEL 3 and reserve in a bowl and let temper.

5) Carefully pour the gelatin on a spoon or tongue so that it does not dig the mousse when falling and reserve in the refrigerator until it is completely curdled.
Better to do it from one day to another, so that it is settled and has a body.

Once curd unmold and decorate with slices of lemon as we like.


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