Chocolate chip cookies with the Thermomix

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Chocolate chip cookies with the Thermomix

You like to cook and especially everything that has to do with baking, especially since you have a kitchen robot, since it greatly facilitates any process. For that reason, you will love today’s proposal, which will allow you to have breakfast or have a coffee in the afternoon accompanied by an exquisite delicacy.

We suggest you to create our recipe for chocolate chip cookies with the Thermomix.

If you’re interested, keep reading. Next, we will let you know the steps you need to undertake to make these exquisite pastries.

Ingredients for chocolate chip cookies with the Thermomix

Chocolate chip cookies with the Thermomix

Chocolate chip cookies with the Thermomix

As is logical, the first thing you need is to have in the kitchen all the foods that are essential to prepare the recipe. In particular, we are referring to the following that will allow you to make about 20 cookies, approximately:

180 grams of flour.
1 egg yolk
300 grams of chocolate chips, which you can buy as is or you can get them by cutting the tablet you buy into pieces.
150 grams of butter.
1 small spoonful of vanilla.
100 grams of brown sugar.

The recipe step by step: chocolate chip cookies with the Thermomix

Once you have bought all the mentioned ingredients, go to the kitchen, put on your apron and, as they say, get ready because the time has come to get down to the dough:

Introduce butter, egg yolk and brown sugar into your food processor. Put them to cook
20 seconds / Speed ​​5.

Then, add the rest of the ingredients to the previous mixture. You must program
10 seconds / Speed ​​5.

Check that they are well mixed. If you think they need more time, put the Thermomix back on.

Then take the dough and create cookies with your hands. The ones that you prepare, place them on a baking tray, to which you have previously passed a little butter so they do not stick.

Finally, proceed to introduce the mentioned tray and keep it at about 180º for about 10 minutes. That way you’ll get some delicious cookies.

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