Almond and chocolate custard for thermomix

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Almond and chocolate custard for thermomix

Do you have guests for lunch and dinner at home and do not know what dessert you can put the colophon? In that case we will be of great help, yes, because, then, we will let you know a really simple and exquisite recipe that will delight your guests.

We are referring to the almond and chocolate custard that you can prepare comfortably in your Thermomix.

What ingredients do you need for Almond and chocolate Custard for thermomix?

Almond and chocolate custard for thermomix

Almond and chocolate custard for thermomix

Take a pencil and paper and write them down:

100 grams of almonds.
80 grams of sugar.
20 grams of cocoa powder.
2 eggs
40 grams of flour.
1 liter of milk

Elaboration of almond and chocolate custard for thermomix

Once you have all those products and put on your apron, start preparing this dish that is quick and simple:

Place the milk and flour in the glass of the Thermomix. Proceed to mix them
20 seconds / Speed ​​4.

Check that they have been united conveniently and if so, continue with the elaboration.

The next step will be to proceed to chop the almonds conveniently.

Next, you should proceed to add all the other ingredients to the glass and program to cook the custard. In particular, what is established to get a perfect recipe is to program it
3-4 minutes / Speed ​​4 / Temperature of 90º.

Then what will be left is to let the recipe cool down and, when the time comes, proceed to place it in the most correct way. Keep in mind that to make the custard even more colorful, you can proceed to add a bit of chopped chocolate. However, that is already to everyone’s taste.

Be clear that with this recipe made with the Thermomix you will be able to dazzle your guests. Do you dare to try it? we would love to know your opinion about this dessert and this article, leave us a comment.


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