Tuna Macaroni Gratin with Thermomix

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Macaroni is one of the most versatile types of short pasta in its category. Preferred by adults and children, since they are ideal to eat together as a family. This recipe has tuna

And what better way to enjoy this hot summer than with a rich and fresh family meal, tasting some delicious Macaroni and Tuna Gratin.

Tuna Macaroni Gratin with Thermomix

Tuna Macaroni Gratin with Thermomix

Prepared in the simplest way possible, with the Thermomix.

Serve very hot to enjoy the rich flavors just out of the oven, you can accompany them with some slices of toasted bread. I hope you liked this easy preparation and you will dare to prepare it for your family with the Thermomix. You can tell us about your experience, until a next recipe.

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