Lemon pudding with thermomix

Lemon pudding with thermomix

The time to think about a dessert always comes to mind some cake, a cake, a glass of ice cream or some other complex preparation, but very little you think about making pudding.

The pudding is a very versatile type of preparation since it can be prepared in different ways and with different ingredients, but what they have in common is the soft, firm and smooth texture.

Lemon pudding with thermomix

Lemon pudding with thermomix

Also, it is a rich dessert of tradition in several countries depends on the region will be its preparation and its ingredients. In today’s recipe we will share a super easy recipe, lemon pudding with thermomix.

In addition to economic because you can do with ingredients you have at home.

Thank you very much for reading us, leave your comment and until the next recipe!

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