Coffee cake with the Thermomix

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Coffee cake with the Thermomix

If you like the pastry or if you want to surprise your guests at home with a delicious snack, you will be interested to know the recipe that we propose below.

In particular, we will teach you how to make an exquisite coffee cake with the Thermomix.

Do you dare to know the recipe? Take note. It is a very simple and fast proposal.

Ingredients to make coffee cake with the Thermomix

Ingredients to make coffee cake with the Thermomix

Ingredients to make coffee cake with the Thermomix

In order to carry out the realization of this sponge cake, you need to have these products in the kitchen:

2 eggs
1 natural or Greek yogurt.
120 grams of sugar
150 grams of flour.
Half envelope of yeast.
50 grams of sunflower oil
1 tablespoon of soluble coffee.
A little salt.

Recipe of coffee cake with the Thermomix step by step

When you have managed to gather all those ingredients in the kitchen, put on your apron and start making this dessert that will delight your guests:

The first thing is that you grease with butter the mold that you are going to use and that, at the same time, you go preheating the oven to approximately 180º.

Pour all the ingredients into the glass of the Thermomix and proceed to program
20 seconds / Speed ​​6.

Check if the mixture is already homogeneous. If this is not the case, re-program the robot at the same speed for another 10 seconds to achieve the expected result.

Then, pour the mixture into the mold and introduce it into the oven. How long should it be? Well about 30 or 35 minutes at 170 degrees. After that time check with a toothpick if it is already done or not to remove it or to keep something else.
And that’s it. You’ll have a great cake ready for the snack or for breakfast.


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