Homemade custards with thermomix.

Homemade custards with thermomix.

Rice with milk, bacon of heaven or even chocolate mousse are some of the desserts that we have gone teaching and preparing your kitchen robot. However, now we are going to add another one. And it is that, to next, we will discover the recipe for homemade custard with the Thermomix.

It is a proposal that will delight children and adults, that has an exquisite taste and that, in addition, is easy to prepare What else can you ask for?

Ingredients to make homemade Custard with the Thermomix

Homemade custards with thermomix.

Homemade custards with thermomix.

To prepare five portions of custard you need to have the following products:

3 eggs.
The skin of a lemon.
130 grams of sugar.
600 grams of milk.
Cinnamon powder.
1 spoonful of vanilla sugar.

Homemade custard with step-by-step thermomix

When you have gathered all the ingredients in the kitchen, it will be time to start making the dessert. Do it by following these steps:

Except for the skin of lemon and cinnamon powder, all the products in the glass of the termomix. Schedule it to
30 seconds / Speed ​​8.

After adding the citrus skin and program the robot
10 minutes / Speed ​​3.5 / Temperature 90º

Then, reprogram at the same temperature and speed for another 2 minutes.

And that’s it. What will remain will be to see the custard in the individual stories to serve and once in these They should be sprinkled with a little cinnamon. If you wish, and to follow the tradition, you can also “decorate” them with a Mary-type cookie.

In this simple way, I will have prepared an ideal dessert for any season of the year and that loves all Surprise at home and your family with this recipe, will be delighted. Also, as you’ve seen, the elaboration.

This recipe is very easy and it is done in a short time.

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