Verrine Lemon Cake With Thermomix

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Verrine Lemon Cake With Thermomix

In today’s recipe we will show you one of the simplest desserts to make but which in turn has such a delicate and sophisticated look worthy of French cuisine. Verrine is a French term to talk about desserts served in glasses.

Verrine Lemon Cake With Thermomix

Verrine Lemon Cake With Thermomix

In addition to having a unique combination of contrasting flavors. This dessert is the Lemon Verrine Cake With Thermomix.

If you want to lightly burn the meringue tips of each Verrine cake with a torch. Although the position of the layers may vary according to your preference. If you want to eat the cold lemon Verrine cake just refrigerate for a few minutes before serving.

When the present dessert time comes this great option. I hope you liked it. Do not forget to share your experiences with us. Until the next recipe!

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