Lemon Ice Cream with Thermomix

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Lemon Ice Cream with Thermomix

For the heats of summer another ice cream of the usual, no frills.

A lemon ice cream, very simple to make, very good and healthy.

Ingredients to make Lemon Ice Cream with Thermomix

Lemon Ice Cream with Thermomix

Lemon Ice Cream with Thermomix

The shell of 1 lemon with nothing white
400 grams ideal semi-frozen milk
150 grams lemon juice
150 normal sugar
50 grams of invert sugar
200 grams of sugar (if you do not have or can not make inverted sugar)

Preparation of Lemon Ice Cream with Thermomix

We put the sugar in our glass of thermomix and crush
40 seconds / progressive speed 6-8-10

We add the lemon peel and program
1 minute / progressive speed 6-8-10

We put the butterfly to our blades of thermomix and we throw the ideal milk
speed 4 / without time (until you double your volume)

When we see that it is twice the volume, we put 150 grams of lemon juice in the jar, and the invert sugar (if we have not decided to make it whole with normal sugar).

Finished this process we put our ice cream a minimum of 6 hours in the freezer and we can eat it.

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