Greek yogurt with the Thermomix

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Greek yogurt with the Thermomix

Numerous are the recipes you can make with your kitchen robot. However, now we are going to present a healthy 100% and that you can enjoy as a dessert or snack on many occasions. We are referring to the Greek yogurt recipe with the Thermomix.

Greek yogurt with the Thermomix

Greek yogurt with the Thermomix

Keep reading and you will discover the simple way to carry it out.

The ingredients to make Greek yogurt with the Thermomix

The first thing is to gather in the kitchen the necessary products such as these:
1 sweetened natural yogurt, which will act as a ferment.
1 liter of whole milk
100 grams of sugar.
40 grams of milk powder.
200 grams of whipping cream that has 35% fat.

Greek yogurt with the Thermomix step by step:

When you have bought all these products, it is time for you to start making the recipe by following these steps:

– In the glass of the robot proceeds to pour milk, sugar and cream.

– Program it at speed 1 and temperature 80º for about 5 minutes.

– Afterwards, you will have to add yogurt and milk powder.

– To be able to mix properly, program the Thermomix at speed 4 and temperature 80º for 1 minute.

– Next, what you will do is remove the glass from the robot and “wrap it” throughout the night. In this way, what is going to be achieved is that the necessary fermentation takes place so that the Greek yogurt is obtained.

– The next day you will have to distribute it in individual containers for yogurt and ready to taste.

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