Yogurt ice cream recipe with Thermomix

Yogurt ice cream recipe with Thermomix

Easy With your kitchen robot you can prepare a large number of desserts, first courses, cocktails and even appetizers and you can also make preparations like the one we want to show you now: yoghurt ice cream recipe with Thermomix.

Yogurt ice cream recipe with Thermomix

Yogurt ice cream recipe with Thermomix

Thanks to this proposal you will be able to prepare at home exquisite ice creams that will delight all the members of your family and that will make them take a product of exquisite taste. And all using an innovative ingredient: inverted sugar.

Yogurt ice cream recipe with Thermomix

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Recipe by: karen
Categoría: Desserts
Cuisine: Spanish
Yogurt ice cream recipe with Thermomix


16 minutos
  • 60 grams of inverted sugar
  • 55 grams of Philadelphia cheese
  • 3 Greek sweetened yoghurts


16 minutos
Ready in
16 minutos
  1. When you've gathered all those ingredients, follow the steps below:
  2. Put the butterfly on the robot's blades. Add the three ingredients to the Thermomix glass and program at speed 3/30 seconds.
  3. Pour the contents of the glass into a tupper and place it in the freezer for at least 5 hours.
  4. It is important that you stir the mixture every half hour.
  5. Add the contents of the tupper in the robot cup and program at speed 4 / 40 seconds.
  6. Pour it back into the container and freeze it for another five hours, not forgetting to stir every half hour.
  7. After that time you will have a delicious yogurt ice cream ready.

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