Pears in wine with Thermomix

Pears in wine with Thermomix

Today we are going to make a recipe of the usual ones, those that our grandmothers already did, and that has always been a classic of the kitchen.

Ingredients to make pears in wine with Thermomix

Pears in wine with Thermomix

1 kg of pears
250 grams of water
200 grams of sugar
A branch of cinnamon
The peel of a lemon (the yellow part)
700 grams of red wine

Preparation of the pears in wine with Thermomix step by step

First and before we start we recommend that we not take the cheapest wine we find, we will not spend much money on the wine we are going to put a few pears but for a couple of euros we have very good wines made in our country. I recommend one of your community to do homeland, if not a Rioja cheap is always a classic and does not fail.

The first thing that we are going to do is peel the pears, to be able to be we do not cut the tail, once cut we put them in our basket of thermomix.

The rest of the ingredients we put in our thermomix glass and place the basket in its position with the pears, proceed to program
40 minutes / temperature varoma / speed bucket / Turn left

Once finished we remove the basket with the pears and reserve it.

On the other hand we proceed to remove from our thermomix glass the cinnamon stick and lemon peel, once removed we reprogram
18 minutes / varoma temperature / speed 5

This time we do not put the basket and remove the cup to evaporate the wine. Once finished this step our pears will be ready to serve we put a pear in each bowl and a light trickle of the liquid from our strained thermomix

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