Quick of frozen fruits foam with thermomix

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Quick of frozen fruits foam with thermomix

Do not be afraid of the name of this recipe, the fact that it is a foam does not think it is a very elaborate preparation or very precise culinary techniques, not at all, you will be surprised how easy, light and economical this dessert is.

And what am I talking about? Well, from a very rich frozen fruit foam and with the help of our powerful thermomix, it will be amazing.

Quick of frozen fruits foam with thermomix

Quick of frozen fruits foam with thermomix

Choose your favorite fruit, in this post we chose the pineapple but it really looks good with figs, with strawberries, with any fruit. In addition, this dessert is very complete for its contribution in vitamin and proteins.

So have the ingredients, which are few in addition, enlist the thermomix, put on the apron and cook!

You can serve and decorate as you want since this preparation can go a long way, we suggest, serve in glasses of ice cream or in low glasses and decorate with a little fresh mint leaves. A very simple and simple decoration for a delicate dessert and exquisite that children especially will love.

Enjoy it! We are waiting your comments. Until the next recipe with Thermomix!


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