Apricot jam with Thermomix

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Apricot jam with Thermomix

Today we bring another recipe for jam, in these dates that the fruits start to come out and in some cases we have large quantities that we do not know very well what to do with them, because we do not give enough to consume them.

One of the best things we can do is make our own jam.

Ingredients to make Apricot Jam with Thermomix

Apricot jam with Thermomix

Apricot jam with Thermomix

1 kg of apricot without the bone
500 grams of sugar

Preparation of Apricot Jam with Thermomix

We prepare the apricots first, wash them well, cut them in half and remove the bone, we will leave the skin.

We put in our glass of thermomix apricots and sugar and crush everything
25 seconds / speed 5

We put the lid without the cubilite and put the basket and program
45 minutes / 100ºC / speed 1

Check the thickness of our jam to taste, if it seems very liquid we can leave it cooking another 10 minutes more, although when the jam cools a little, so be careful not to pass.

Esterelización of the boats.
Prepare well-cleaned jars and sterilize the jars in a large pan of boiling water for 30 minutes. We take the boats out of the water and put them on a clean cotton cloth face down. Fill the jars with the jam, fill them enough but not 100%, close the cans very strong, making good pressure and put them in a large pot and high to cover them, we cover them with water and cook them for 30 more minutes in the water bath.

After 30 minutes we let the boats cool in the same water without removing them and our apricot jam is ready to consume and to keep in the fridge.

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