Apple and mint sauce with thermomix

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Apple and mint sauce with thermomix

When accompanying certain meat or fish dishes, it is necessary to prepare different sauces so that each diner can give them the “touch” they like the most.

And numerous are those that, in an easy way, can be elaborate with the Thermomix.

In this case, we are going to bet to let you know the recipe to give shape to the delicious apple sauce and Mint that is great to give a special flavor to roasts.

Do you want to prepare the recipe for apple sauce and mint with thermomix?

If so, you need to have at your disposal in the kitchen the following ingredients:

Ingredients for making apple and mint sauce with thermomix

Apple and mint sauce with thermomix

Apple and mint sauce with thermomix

5 tablespoons fresh mint
2 or 3 apples, depending on the size they have.
300 grams of apple cider vinegar.
400 grams of sugar
1 liter of water.

Elaboration of apple and mint sauce with thermomix

You already have them? Well, now what you have left is to follow our instructions, which will allow you to have prepared this sauce in a few minutes:

The first thing is that you proceed to peel the apples and cut them into small cubes.

Afterwards, you have to carry out the chopping of the mint in a very fine way.

Next, place the pieces of the fruit in the Thermomix accessory known as Varoma. Proceed to Fill the corresponding bowl with the liter of water and let it generate steam, program
15 minutes / Speed ​​3.

Then what you have to do is empty the water from the aforementioned receptacle, place the apples and process them.
20 seconds / Speed ​​9.

The next step is also very simple. You will have to add both sugar and vinegar to the apples and the salt. You must now proceed to cook it
9 minutes / Speed ​​3 / Temperature 100º.

In this way you will already have a great sauce to which you will have to add the minced mint. Then take a spoon to remove all the mixture very well.

Now to enjoy it and if you have a second we would love you to leave us a comment with your opinion of this recipe.


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