How to make syrup in the Thermomix

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How to make syrup in the Thermomix

If you like the pastry and at home do not hesitate to prepare a variety of desserts, surely you are interested in reading. And then, we’re going to show you how to make syrup in the Thermomix.

In this way, you can have that exquisite syrup that you can use, for example, when cooking biscuits.

 The ingredients for making syrup in the Thermomix

How to make syrup in the Thermomix

How to make syrup in the Thermomix

In order to prepare this product that now occupies us, you need to gather the following ingredients in the kitchen:

150 grams of sugar
20 grams of liquor, the one you like the most.
150 grams of water.
Juice of half a lemon

How to make syrup in the Thermomix step by step

When you have prepared the following products, it is time for you to proceed to follow these steps that we show you below:

Pour both the sugar and the juice of half a lemon into the robot’s glass and even the water. After, program
10 minutes / Speed ​​2 / Temperature 100º

Finally, what you will have to do is add the liquor you have chosen to the mix. In this really simple way you will have the syrup ready.

Of course, do not forget that to be able to use the aforementioned syrup in any dessert that you are going to prepare it is necessary that it has cooled down.

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