Pistachio ice cream with thermomix

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Pistachio ice cream with thermomix

We will move to the Middle East to savor a delicious and refreshing dessert without moving from home, pistachio ice cream. This dry fruit is considered one of the healthiest foods and that brings more benefits to health.

In addition, it helps not only lose weight and lower cholesterol, but also fights stress.

Although for the recipe today I do not think it helps to lose weight, but to fight the stress caused by the summer heat.

Pistachio ice cream with thermomix

Tiempo de preparación: 10 minutos

Tiempo de cocción: 30 minutos

Tiempo total: 40 minutos

Categoría: desserts

Pistachio ice cream with thermomix

Pistachio ice cream with thermomix


  • 100 gr. of pistachio pasta
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 75 gr. of sugar (preferably inverted or divided sugar 50 g of sugar + 25 g of invert sugar)
  • 300 ml. of whole milk
  • 350 ml. cream
  • Pistachios in pieces to decorate


  1. We start by placing the egg yolks, the milk and the 50 gr in the Thermomix glass. Sugar, schedule.
  2. 5 minutes / Temperature 90 ° / Speed ​​4.
  3. Then, we proceed to incorporate the cream program to mix
  4. 30 seconds / Speed ​​4.
  5. And then program to beat
  6. 10 minutes / Temperature 90 ° / Speed ​​2.
  7. Once whipped cream and milk add the pistachio paste and mix. Program
  8. 30 seconds / Speed ​​4.
  9. We add all the preparation in a container suitable for freezing. Cover well and freeze for at least one hour, you should go over the ice cream mixture to verify its freezing process. Once the mixture is frozen, the process is started, and it is nothing more than adding the frozen mixture in the glass of the Thermomix and beat the mixture to break the ice crystals. Program
  10. 1 minute / Speed ​​10.
  11. The process can be repeated several times, to break the crystals of water and sugar that are formed when freezing and that do not allow the creaminess of the ice cream, when the cream is obtained that creamy texture of the ice creams. Once the mixture is frozen it freezes again, Incorporate again in a container suitable for freezing for prolonged periods of time.
  12. Do not worry if the color of the preparation is not green as we usually see it in a commercial brand, but its taste if it is real and delicious. Freeze this time for at least 3 hours, I recommend from one day to the next to improve the texture. Individual cups or ice cream cones and decorate with pieces of pistachios.

Enjoy this delicious dessert! Until the next recipe! I invite you to comment below.

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