Strawberry mousse with thermomix

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Strawberry mousse with thermomix

The recipe that we will share next is the ideal to close a great dinner with a sweet, subtle and delicate touch of the Thermomix Strawberry Mousse.

Strawberry mousse with thermomix

Strawberry mousse with thermomix

This recipe is, although it may not seem so, incredibly fast, easy, economical, as well as delicious. Of course, it is not low in calories. So when you touch, take advantage of the strawberry season and prepare this mousse as many times as you want. Your family and friends will thank you.

When serving, you can fly your imagination, there are endless ideas to combine, we suggest that you pour into glasses or glass cups, decorate with pieces of fresh strawberries or alternate mouse layers with fresh strawberries. And finally add some whipped cream Voilá! An easy, fast and well presented dessert.
I hope you liked it and they are very well prepared for this easy but very tasty Thermomix strawberry mousse.
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