Good Kinder ice cream with thermomix

Kinder Bueno ice cream with thermomix

From candy to ice cream, who was going to imagine? Yes, in this recipe we will show you how to prepare a delicious Kinder Ice Cream with thermomix.

Kinder Bueno ice cream with thermomix

Kinder Bueno ice cream with thermomix

Kinder Bueno ice cream with thermomix

Kinder Bueno ice cream with thermomix

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Recipe by: karen
Categoría: desserts
Cuisine: Spanish
Kinder Bueno ice cream with thermomix


20 minutos
  • 500 grams of cream to mount very cold
  • 150 grams of liquid milk
  • 25 grams of milk powder
  • 150 grams of white chocolate
  • 130 grams roasted hazelnuts
  • 65 grams of sunflower oil
  • 80 grams of sugar
  • 40 grams of invert sugar
  • 3 chocolate bars Kinder Bueno
  • A teaspoon of vanilla
  • a pinch of salt


20 minutos
Ready in
20 minutos
  1. One of the most used tricks to obtain a good mountain cream is that it is very cold, but in addition, if the container where it is going to beat it is also cold the result is ideal, so before starting to prepare the ice cream, make sure Cool the thermomix glass.
  2. To begin, place the whipping cream in the thermomix glass, beat until it is well assembled and program without time / Speed ​​5
  3. Pour whipped cream into another container and keep refrigerated.
  4. Then, wash and dry the thermomix glass well, add sugar and crushed hazelnuts, program 20 seconds / Speed ​​10
  5. Immediately after, add the white chocolate, the milk powder and program 10 seconds / Speed ​​10
  6. Add the sunflower oil next to the pinch of salt and the teaspoon of vanilla, program 30 seconds / Speed ​​10
  7. Then with the help of the spatula clean the edges and walls of the thermomix vessel and add the liquid milk and invert sugar, program 4 minutes / Temperature 50 ° / Speed ​​6
  8. If necessary, stop the machine to lower the mixture that adheres to the walls of the thermomix vessel.
  9. At the end of time, pour the mixture into a separate container suitable for cooling, let cool.
  10. While the mixture is cooling, take the 3 bars of Kinder Bueno chocolate and cut them with the help of a knife, add the pieces to the mixture and mix gently with the spatula.
  11. Remove the whipped cream from the refrigerator. Mix both preparations little by little with gentle movements (when the chocolate mixture is at room temperature since if it is still hot it can spoil the cream).
  12. Then put in the freezer for 30 minutes.
  13. After 30 minutes remove it and mix with the spatula again and put it back in the refrigerator. This last operation must be performed 3 or 4 times to break the ice crystals and the ice cream is creamy.

Serve to your liking. It looks super delicious. Do not forget to leave your comments. Until the next recipe!


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