Cheesecake Ice cream with the Thermomix

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Cheesecake Ice cream with the Thermomix

Now that summer has arrived and the high temperatures are the dominant note, it is time to start preparing recipes that, besides being very tasty, can refresh us.

With this we are referring to drinks such as lemonade and desserts like the one we are now going to teach you to prepare with your kitchen robot. We are going to show you the cheesecake ice cream recipe with the Thermomix.

It is a great proposal to surprise your guests and with which you will put the finishing touch to the food that you have prepared for them.

Do you dare to elaborate it? Keep reading and you will know all the information you need about it:

Ingredients for Cheesecake Ice cream with the Thermomix

Cheesecake Ice cream with the Thermomix

Cheesecake Ice cream with the Thermomix

To be able to encourage you to prepare this delicious ice cream with your robot, you need first to have the following ingredients in the kitchen for about six servings:

250 grams of cream cheese, Philadelphia type.
150 grams of sugar
400 grams of cream.
100 grams of strawberry or raspberry jam.
200 milliliters of milk.
Between 10 and 12 Mary-type cookies.

Cheesecake Ice cream with the Thermomix step by step

When you have already bought all the products you need for this recipe, put on your apron and get ready to make this dessert that is very simple and fast thanks to the Thermomix:

You have to start by throwing both cheese and milk into the robot’s glass. Then the device will be programmed
3 seconds / Speed ​​4.

After the mixture obtained, manually, it will proceed to add the cream that previously will be mounted with sugar also in the Thermomix.

It is important that, afterwards, we proceed to pour the result into a container. It will let cool for about 20 – 30 minutes and after that time will be introduced into the freezer, where you should stay about four hours, approximately.

Then, the ice cream, which will have been creamy after having been stirring it every half hour, will be added the chopped cookies and jam. And that’s it. Ready to serve.


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