Stracciatella ice cream with Thermomix

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Stracciatella ice cream with Thermomix

Stracciatella ice cream is a typical Italian ice cream made with whole milk and fresh cream.

It is assumed that the real ice cream of stracciatella is light in the mouth, and it is this lightness that we try to find through the dosage of the ingredients of this recipe and the Whip Thermomix that will help it to be as airy as possible.

Stracciatella ice cream with Thermomix

Stracciatella ice cream with Thermomix

Elaboration of ice cream of stracciatella with Thermomix

For ice cream

Put 300 grams of whole milk, 120 grams of whole liquid cream, 80 grams of powdered sugar, 1 tablespoon of glucose syrup and 1 vanilla pod divided in half lengthwise and scraped with the tip of a knife (put the seeds and the pod) in the Thermomix. Bake 9 min / 90 ° C / speed 2.
Remove the vanilla pod from the bowl.
Transfer to ice cube trays and reserve for 16 h 00 min.

For chocolate chips

Rinse and dry the Thermomix container.
Add 100 grams of dark chocolate cut into pieces in the Thermomix and mix 3 seconds / speed 6.
Mix a little more if you want even finer chocolate chips.
Transfer to a container and reserve.

Add frozen ice cubes to the Thermomix.
Mix 45 sec / speed 6 using the Thermomix spatula.
Mix longer if chunks of unmilled ice remain.
Add the whip.
Add the pieces of chocolate to the bowl.

Mix 30 sec / speed 3.
Transfer the contents of the Thermomix to a container and reserve in the freezer for 60 minutes before serving.

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