Dorayakis Japanese creps with thermomix

Dorayakis Japanese creps with thermomix

With today’s recipe we will make a sweet trip to the ancestral lands of Japan. We are used to associate Japanese food with sushi, but Japanese cuisine is much more than that.

Dorayakis Japanese creps with thermomix

Dorayakis Japanese creps with thermomix

Dorayakis Japanese crepes with thermomix, have a certain resemblance to pancakes, pancakes or hotcakes (as you prefer to call them) because of the combination of ingredients you have and the similarity in preparation.

But as each region gives its special touch, here we share the recipe of some original dorayakis.

Dorayakis Japanese creps with thermomix

Dorayakis Japanese creps with thermomix

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Recipe by: karen
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Cuisine: Japanese
Dorayakis Japanese creps with thermomix


20 minutos
  • 2 Eggs
  • 50 grams of sugar
  • 15 grams of Honey
  • 85 grams of Pastry flour
  • 2 grams of Chemical yeast
  • 40 grams of Water
  • Salt a pinch
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • To fill:
  • Anko or chocolate cream to fill
  • Sweet azukis paste or plum jam
  • Utensil:
  • Iron, non-stick pan or crepe
  • Spatula


20 minutos
Ready in
20 minutos
  1. In the thermomix cup, prepare the ingredients for the dorayakis mixture, the eggs, the measure of sugar, flour, yeast, honey, water and the pinch of salt, program 1 minute / speed 5
  2. Preheat an iron, a non-stick pan or a pan, add a portion of oil to grease the surface with the help of an absorbent paper and be very careful not to burn.
  3. To very low heat, add the mixture in the form of thread until forming pancakes of 8-10 cm of diameter.
  4. Cook the dorayakis on each side, you will notice that small bubbles are formed on the top that little by little disappear leaving only a hole, that gives us a clue that we can now turn the dorayaki.
  5. You can do them in series, depending on the size of the iron or one by one.
  6. Once cooked dorayakis ready to fill, in this recipe we propose two options, chocolate and plum jam, add about a teaspoon of the filling, double each dorayakis in half or if you prefer to eat them as if it were a sandwich.

The Japanese dorayakis are ideal to eat at any time, although it is common to serve it as a snack, the children will love it.

Also, you can store it a couple of days in the refrigerator, wrapping it very well with cling film, just try to heat them before eating them out of the refrigerator until they take the room temperature. Remember to leave us your comment below. Until the next recipe!


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