Sweet of Milk with thermomix

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Sweet of Milk with thermomix

Its flavor will remind you of the English toffe candies of all time, delicious, perfect for stuffing muffins or muffins, biscuits etc.

When we do it, it will be quite liquid but when it is cooled for 2 days it will have the texture of Sweet of Milk .

Ingredients to make Sweet of Milk with thermomix

Sweet of Milk with thermomix

Sweet of Milk with thermomix

750 gr. of whole milk without lactose
100 gr. of white sugar
150 of cream to mount with a percentage of 35.1% of fat (I used vegetable cream)
90 gr. of brown sugar
2 gr. of bicarbonate

Preparation of Sweet of Milk with thermomix Step by Step

We put all the ingredients in our thermomix glass, put the cup and program
60 minutes / 100ºC / speed 5

To evaporate, remove the cup and place the basket on the lid of the glass and program
7 minutes / varoma / speed 4

When finished, it will be quite liquid, even when it is quite hot, it will be useful to pass it to the glass jars (it is thick and can stand the heat well) and let cool first at room temperature when it is cold, place a couple of days in the refrigerator and it will finish thickening and change its color, to the typical color of Sweet of Milk.

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