Chocolate to the cup with the Thermomix

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Chocolate to the cup with the Thermomix

With the low temperatures that are registering these days in our country, it is clear that what we most want is to take hot things like soups.

Therefore, now we are going to teach you how to prepare an exquisite hot drink, ideal for a breakfast or for a tasty snack. Yes, because we intend to show you how to prepare chocolate to the cup with the Thermomix.

Do you dare to know that recipe so simple and exquisite?

The ingredients of Chocolate to the cup with the Thermomix

To be able to elaborate the drink that occupies to us the first thing is that you buy the following products, that will allow you to obtain about 4 rations of chocolate:

1 liter of milk
200 grams of chocolate for dessert.
A pinch of salt.
30 – 35 grams of cornstarch.

Chocolate to the cup with the Thermomix step by step

When you have gathered all those ingredients in the kitchen, put on your apron and start making the recipe, which will take you very little time:

Cut the chocolate into several pieces and throw them into the robot’s glass. Program this at speed 5-9 for about 30 seconds.

Then add the liter of milk, cornstarch and salt.

Next, you must program the Thermomix at speed 4 and temperature 90º for about 9 minutes, approximately.

And that’s it.

You will have ready your tasty and warm chocolate to the cup. If at home you really like the sweet, you should bet to add a few grams of sugar.

However, this last step is something already optional. What will remain will be served, accompanied by some pasta or churros.

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