Orange slush with thermomix

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Orange slush with thermomix

When it’s hot, the best way for the whole family to take fruit and vitamins is a good freshly made granita.
Today we will make in less than 2 minutes a magnificent orange granita.

Ingredients to make Orange slush with thermomix

Orange slush with thermomix

Orange slush with thermomix

For 4 servings:
2 oranges
100 grams of sugar
500 grams of ice cubes

Preparation of Orange slush with thermomix. Step by Step:

With the glass well dry we put the 100 grams of sugar and pulverize
30 seconds / progressive speed 8-10

Peel the oranges and remove seeds and program
30 seconds / progressive speed 7

We add the ice cubes and program
45 seconds / speed 9

We serve immediately in glasses and drink.

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