Mango mousse with the Thermomix

Mango mousse with the Thermomix

Do you love baking or simply want to surprise your guests with a spectacular dessert? If so, you should know that now we will be of help. Yes, because we’re going to let you know how to prepare an exquisite mango mousse with the Thermomix.

It will be, as they say, “the icing on the cake” that will be your lunch or dinner at home.
The ingredients for mango mousse with the Thermomix
In order to carry out the elaboration of this recipe you need to gather the following

Mango Mousse ingredients with the Thermomix:

400 grams of mango.
3 sheets of gelatin.
250 grams of whipped cream.
The juice of a lemon.
150 grams of condensed milk
4 egg whites mounted.

Mango mousse with Thermomix step by step

With all those ingredients already in the kitchen, it will only be that you follow these instructions:

Peel the mangoes and cut them into pieces.
On the other hand, the gelatin introduce it in a bowl with water so that it goes hydrating.

Add the mango pieces to the glass and program the robot to
speed 5 / for 1 minute.

Pour the condensed milk also and program the Thermomix to
speed 4 / for 30 seconds.

The next step will be to mix the lemon juice and the gelatin. Proceed to mix them well in the fire or directly in the microwave. It will be enough with a few seconds to achieve it.

Add the mixture from the previous step to the glass and program again
speed 4 / for 30 seconds.

Place the butterfly and pour the whipped cream. The Thermomix should be set at
speed 3 / for 1 minute.

The resulting mixture add it to a bowl, where you will pour the egg whites. And what will remain will be to remove everything and let cool in the refrigerator.

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