Baileys Mousse and chocolate with Thermomix

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Baileys Mousse and chocolate with Thermomix

an ideal dessert for chocolate lovers This Mousse de Chocolate and Baileys is very easy

Mousse de Baileys and chocolate with Thermomix

Mousse de Baileys and chocolate with Thermomix

Ingredients for Baileys Mousse and chocolate with Thermomix

200 gr of chopped black chocolate
4 yolks and 4 egg whites
3 tablespoons (45 ml) of Baileys
85 ml. of cream to mount cold
85 gr. of sugar
1 pinch of salt

Preparation of Baileys Mousse and chocolate with Thermomix

– We assemble the cream here we explain as if you have never done it and we reserve it for later (remember that to mount the cream both the cream and the glass should be very very cold), at medium / high speed until it is firm

– Put the black chocolate in a bowl and melt it with the microwave, in 20 seconds strokes so that it does not burn, let it warm before mixing it with other foods (it is not good that it is very hot)

– Add the yolks and mix, then continue mixing with the 3 tablespoons of Baileys.

– We add the whipped cream that we had reserved and we integrate it carefully with a spatula. We reserve

– Put in a bowl the whites with the pinch of salt and start to mount them at medium speed, again with our thermomix.

– When they begin to whiten, add the sugar, spoonful to spoonful, and go up at speed 8 until you get a firm and bright meringue

– We incorporate the meringue in two or three times to the previous mixture, making smooth and enveloping movements with a spatula until everything is very well mixed and trying not to lose the air of the meringue.

– We divide the mousse between the containers in which we are going to serve it and let it rest in the fridge preferably until the next day.

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