Horchata Flan with the thermomix

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Horchata Flan with the thermomix

Previously we have brought you the recipes of some other flan, egg, vanilla, 3 chocolates, even nougat custard, to use the leftovers of Christmas.

This time we bring you a flan of Horchata

Ingredients for the Horchata Flan with the thermomix

Horchata Flan with the thermomix

Horchata Flan with the thermomix

250 gr of tigernuts
4 sheets of unflavored gelatine, neutral
500 ml of water
3 large spoons of sweetener or sugar
400 ml of oat milk

Elaboration: Horchata Flan with the thermomix, Step by Step

Wash and hydrate the tiger nuts. The first thing we are going to do is to wash the tiger nuts well, because they often come with a little soil and we will soak them for a minimum of 12 hours, changing the water several times to hydrate them

We put the tiger nuts in our glass of thermomix and proceed to crush them for what we program
speed 10/10 seconds

We add the water and program again
speed 7/15 seconds

We mix the mixture with a cloth strainer and clean our glass of thermomix, to remove the remains of the tigernut We put the gelatin 5 minutes in water and reserve

We put the horchata back into our glass of thermomix and we put it together with the sugar or sweetener, with the gelatin and the oat milk and we beat
30 seconds / speed 6

We put the mixture in our glasses and let it sit in the fridge for 12 hours.

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