Cookie cream maria with thermomix

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Cookie cream maria with thermomix

A very easy cream to make, it is prepared in 5 minutes and it is very good, with a similar flavor to the biscuit

yogurt but with the most solid texture of the cream that does not leave you indifferent.

Ingredients to make cookie cream maria

Cookie cream maria with thermomix

Cookie cream maria with thermomix

10 Mary-type cookies
90 gr of sugar
40 gr of liquid caramel
500 ml of liquid cream for cooking
500 ml of milk
1 envelope curd

Cookie preparation maria step by step:

We put the cookies maria in our glass of thermomix and we crush
7 seconds / speed 7

With the spatula lower the remains of cookies stuck on the sides and repeat
5 seconds / speed 7

Now add all the other ingredients, sugar, cream, milk, caramel and curd and program
9 minutes / 100ºC / speed 4

Serve in glasses or small pots and let cool in the refrigerator for 6 hours. You can put a cookie decorating up just before serving.

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