Biscuit yogurt with thermomix

Biscuit yogurt with thermomix

With our thermomix you can make all kinds of recipes, including yogurts, in fact we have several recipes already, Greek yogurt, chocolate yogurt …

But today we’re going with a very special one for me, biscuit type Marie yogurt … I love it!

Ingredients: (for 8 yogurts) biscuit yogurt with thermomix

Biscuit yogurt with thermomix

Biscuit yogurt with thermomix

100 gr. of biscuit type Marie
100 gr. of sugar
30 gr. liquid candy
400 gr. of liquid cream for riding
620 gr. of whole milk at room temperature
2 teaspoons of curd powder (groceries)

Yogurt preparation of biscuit yogurt with thermomix:

We put biscuit type Marie in the glass of the Thermomix to crush them and program
20 seconds / Progressive speed 5-7-10.

We add the rest of the ingredients and program
7 minutes / Temperature 90º / Speed 3½.

Pour into glasses or glasses and reserve in the refrigerator for a minimum of 1 day.

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