Pestiños with thermomix

Pestiños with thermomix

Typical dish in many houses for Easter, and many pastries throughout the year and always delicious to eat, very easy to do with the invaluable help of our thermomix.

Ingredients to make Pestiños with thermomix

Pestiños with thermomix

Pestiños with thermomix

For the mass:
260 g of flour
1 teaspoon of chemical yeast
1 tablespoon lemon / orange zest
75 g of soft olive oil 0.4
3 nails
1 aniseed beans
75 g of sherry wine
1 pinch of salt

For honey coverage:
200 g of honey
50 g of water
To fry:
Sunflower oil
The shell of an orange (to flavor the frying oil)

Preparation of the Pestiños with thermomix:

We will start by pouring in the glass of our thermomix the anise in grain, the grated fruit, the clove, and the oil to flavor the oil we program. 5 minutes / 90º / speed spoon.

We let the temperature drop to 40 ° + – remove the cloves from the thermomix glass and add the flour, the yeast and the wine We program 5 seconds / speed 6.

It’s time to knead the mixture for what we program
5 minutes / speed spike.

The dough must be very oily so it should be very elastic and not sticky. If it is sticky we can add a little flour and reprogram
1 minute of spike.

We make a ball, cover with transparent film and let stand 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes we return to work, we will extend the dough and with a rolling pin (we use a bottle) we spread the dough well on our table and cut the dough into squares of about 6 × 6 cm and fold two of its corners inwards and we stick them with our fingers and a drop of water to make them seal well. We now put a pan with the abundant sunflower oil and with the skin of orange or lemon, until hot then remove the citrus skin
and we can fry our pestiños.

It is better not to fill the pan of our pestiños a lot so that we can turn them over correctly, we will take a little longer but they will be much better, when we remove them we put them on an absorbent paper to remove the excess oil.

Preparation of honey coverage Pestiños with thermomix:

We put in the glass of our thermomixla honey and water We program 3 minutes / 60º / speed spoon.

We put this preparation in a deep and wide bowl, submerge the pestiños one by one and let them drain in a rack.

Happy Easter or that takes advantage, depends on when you decide to make them 😉 we wait for your comments here in the page of how you have been.

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