Peach foam with thermomix

Peach foam with thermomix

Today we are going to make a recipe, for a delicious dessert, both to accompany another dessert as a cake or to take alone

Before starting the recipe we must know that the peaches must be peeled, boned and frozen in pieces and when we go to make the recipe we will remove them frozen.

Ingredients for peach foam with thermomix

Peach foam with thermomix

Peach foam with thermomix

300 gr of frozen peaches
4 tablespoons of powdered sweetener
2 egg whites
2 tablespoons of lemon

Step by step preparation: Peach foam with thermomix

We put in the glass of our thermomix the frozen peaches, the powdered sweetener and the lemon juice and crush
15 seconds / speed 5-10 progressively

We lower with the spatula the crushed pieces that have been stuck in the walls of this glass and we crushed a little more
30 seconds / speed 5

With the spatula we lower the cream to the bottom of our glass and place the butterfly on the blades We add the whites and assemble
3 minutes / speed 4

Serve to eat or put in the fridge, we can change the fruit and foam many fruits, foam strawberries, orange, melon.

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