Bizcoflan (Sponge cake and Flan) with Thermomix

Bizcoflan (Sponge cake and Flan) with Thermomix

As many of you will have noticed and as its name suggests, bizcoflan is a mixture between sponge cake and custard and both with our thermomix is ​​done wonderfully so the bizcoflan is not going to be less.

This recipe is prepared fairly quickly.

Ingredients for making bizcoflan with Thermomix

Bizcoflan (Sponge cake and Flan) with Thermomix

Bizcoflan (Sponge cake and Flan) with Thermomix

Ingredients for flan
120 grams of sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla sugar
500 grams of milk
4 eggs

Ingredients for the sponge cake
90 grams of sugar
90 grams of flour
3 eggs

Preparation of bizcoflan with Thermomix step by step

The first thing we are going to do is put our glass of thermomix the 500 g of milk 4 eggs 120 grams of sugar and a spoonful of vanilla sugar that is, all the ingredients we had to make the flan, once posts we are going to mix all the content for what we are going to program
2 minutes / Speed ​​3

We remove all the mixture and we will put it in a mold to put bake later.

Then we will place the butterfly in our thermomix and then we will prepare the part of the sponge cake eggs the sugar and program
6 minutes / 30 ° C / speed 4

As soon as finished, we re-program without doing anything
5 minutes / spoon speed

This time without temperature, we add the flour we reprogram
20 seconds / speed 3

Once finished we put all the mixture on top of the mixture that we had made the flan in our mold And we are going to place the mold in a bain-marie in the oven for about 30 minutes, let it cool, then we will go to the refrigerator for a few hours and you will be ready to consume.

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