Coffee granita with the Thermomix

Coffee granita with the Thermomix

In order to cope with the high temperatures that are registered in summer, nothing better than to opt for prepare recipes such as gazpacho or salmorejo.

But it is also a great alternative to proceed to make refreshing drinks like the one we now wantgive you to know.

We are referring to the coffee granita with the Thermomix.

It is a really simple alternative to prepare and very appetizing to relieve the heat that you feel. You dare to meet her? We tell you below:

Ingredients for the coffee granita with the Thermomix

Coffee granita with the Thermomix

Coffee granita with the Thermomix

In this case, we are going to give you the recipe to prepare granita for four people. So, you will need the following ingredients:

250 milliliters of coffee that you have previously prepared and that has to be cold.
About 500 grams of ice cubes.
150 grams of sugar, either white or brown, you choose the one you like the most.

How to prepare the coffee granita with the Thermomix step by step

After having all the necessary products ready in the kitchen, it is time for you to start following the steps that we indicate. Thus, you will have your coffee slush very quickly:

Start by introducing the ice into the glass of the food processor and program it
30 seconds / Speed ​​5 – 10.

Then proceed to add the previously prepared coffee as well as the sugar to the same glass. Once everything inside, Thermomix program
1 minute / Speed ​​2.

And it’s ready. You will have prepared a great coffee slush with which to be able to charge of energy and fight against high temperatures. A really quick and simple recipe.

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