Christmas consommé at the Thermomix

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Christmas consommé at the Thermomix

If you are already thinking about what you are going to prepare for the Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas dinner or New Year’s Eve dinner, we will help you.

Yes, because we’re going to teach you how to prepare a very typical dish for those parties. In particular, we will let you know how to prepare the recipe for Christmas broth in the Thermomix.

A consommé that is very appetizing because it is hot, is appreciated in these days of cold temperatures, and because it serves to «prepare» the body for everything that comes after.

Ingredients to make the Christmas Consommé in the Thermomix

Christmas consommé at the Thermomix

Christmas consommé at the Thermomix

To prepare four servings the following products are needed:

1 leek
1 potato
2 carrots
1 branch of celery.
1 turkey breast (optional for non-vegetarians)
Chicken soup.
Salt and water.

Preparation of the Christmas Consommé in the Thermomix

When you have all the ingredients in the kitchen, put on your apron and start following these instructions:

The first thing is that you peel the carrots, the potatoes, the leek and the celery to cut them, then, in pieces.

Next, introduce all the ingredients, except the turkey, into the Thermomix cup and cover them with water. Program
40 minutes / Temperature varoma / Speed ​​1.

When you realize that steam is starting to rise, place the turkey breast (optional for non-vegetarians) on top of the varoma.

Then, proceed to strain the result and serve hot in bowls to which you can add a little hard-boiled egg, parsley and even some ham, whatever you want.

In this very simple way you will have ready the Christmas broth that will delight your guests.

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