Hummus with the Thermomix

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Hummus with the Thermomix

One of the dishes of oriental origin that, in recent years, has begun to popularize notably around the world is what we are going to present to you now.

Yes, because we are going to proceed to make you know the recipe of hummus with the Thermomix.

It comes to be a soft cream of chickpeas, ideal to drink with a little bread, which seems to have a long history since it was already made in Ancient Egypt.

Do you dare to prepare it?

Ingredients to make hummus with the Thermomix

Hummus with the Thermomix

Hummus with the Thermomix

For about five or six reasons, you need the following products:

2 cloves of garlic
400 – 500 cooked chickpeas.
The juice of half a lemon.
60 grams of water.
2 tablespoons of tahini.
50 grams of olive oil
Salt, cumin, sweet paprika and black pepper.

How to make Hummus with the Thermomix

Now it’s time to prepare the hummus. Do it by following these steps:

Except for the paprika, pour all the ingredients in the glass of the Thermomix. Program it
10 seconds / Speed ​​3

Then, reprogram the robot, but this time at a higher speed and for a longer time.
2 minutes / Speed ​​4

After that time, what will remain is to check how it is. You may need a little water or even shred something else in the Thermomix. That you choose.

Lastly, what you will have to do is place it. You can do it individually or in a bowl to share among all the guests. Anyway, you should add a little sweet paprika on top and accompany it with bread.


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