Avocado Hummus with the Thermomix

Avocado Hummus with the Thermomix

If there are two products that, in recent times, have become fashionable those are avocado and elhummus.

So, what do you think if we join them and give shape to a recipe that will surprise your guests? Yes, you cheer up?

Well, what we propose is to make avocado hummus with the Thermomix.

Keep reading and you will discover how to make this surprising and tasty proposal in equal parts. Take note.

Ingredients to make avocado hummus with the Thermomix

Avocado Hummus with the Thermomix

Avocado Hummus with the Thermomix

To get four servings of this dish you need the following products:

400 grams of chickpeas already cooked.
300 grams of avocado
1 clove garlic.
30 grams of olive oil.
A little bit of ground cumin.
A splash of lemon juice.
Chopped parsley.

Avocado hummus with the Thermomix step by step

Once you have gathered all these products in the kitchen, put on your apron and follow, step by step, these instructions that we offer below:

The process is very simple because what you will have to do is to introduce all those products, except the chopped parsley, into the robot’s glass. Then you must program this
1 minutes / Speed ​​5-10.

And that’s it. You will have ready the avocado hummus. Of course, what will remain is that you develop your imagination to place it.

It is advisable to add a little chopped parsley and a little olive oil.

What do you think of the result? Are you going to encourage this dish to surprise your guests?

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